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Blogpost 20130901 - Music1309

Blogpost 20130901 - Music1309

Adds some fun music
My style is mostly to club, Swedish hip hop and rock as Linkin Park.
But here I put out such from Album which I think is good and go and listen to over and over again.
Thus no particular style of music. Some of the artists are new or not so well known. I listen a lot to music, and always waiting for something as a new good album.

Lägger in lite kul musik
Min stil ligger mest åt club, svensk hiphop och rock som Linkin Park.
Men här lägger jag ut sådant från Album som jag tycker är bra och går och lyssna på om och om igen.
Alltså ingen speciell musikstil. En del av artisterna är nya eller inte så välkända. Jag lyssnar mycket på musik, och väntar ständigt på nått nytt bra Album.


Norlie & KKV - Snart
Imorgon kommer aldrig bli som igår

Tired Pony - The Ghost of The Ghost
All Things All At Once
I Don't Want You As A Ghost

White Lies - Big TV
Big TV
Getting Even

Ikonika - Aerotropolis

Michael Monroe - Horns And Haloes
Ballads Of The Lower East Side

Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King
Hail to the King
Crimson Day
Acid Rain

Ellie Goulding - Halcyon Days
My Blood
Only You
Figure 8
Hanging on (Edit)
Lights (Single Version)
You My Everything
Stay Awake
Under Control
How Long Will I Love You

Annihilator - Feast
Perfect Angel Eyes
One Falls, Two Rise
Fun Palace
Never, Neverland

Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart
The Way I Tend To Be

Eric Saade - Forgive Me
Forgive Me
Cover Girl Part I
Cover Girl Part II
Flashy (Feat. A Lee)
We Are Beautiful
Winning Ground
Miss Unknown


Chlöe - No Strings
No Strings

Lady Gaga - Applause

Haim - The Wire
The Wire

Dregen - Just Like That
Just Like That

The Vaccines - Melody Calling EP
Melody Calling

Carly Rae Jepsen - Part of Your World
Part of Your World

Flap Jack featuring Drake - Flap Jack Edition - EP

Emil Héro - Television
Television (Feat. Hedvig)

Amanda Fondell - Let the Rain Fall
Let the Rain Fall

Lars Winnerbäck - Utkast till ett brev
Utkast till ett brev

Miriam Bryant - Last Soul on Earth (Radio Edit)
Last Soul on Earth (Radio Edit)

Jasmine Kara - Paralyzed

Petter - Tills Döden Skiljer Oss Åt
Tills Döden Skiljer Oss Åt (Rusiak remix)

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