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I understand this verry well now

It have been a long way, to understand this.
Microphone och speaker on a circuit.

1983, AI program and interrogations

pszoldra@businessinsider.com (Paul Szoldra)
Business Insider - Saturday, September 20, 2014

In 1983, the CIA was using an artificial intelligence program to 

help officers withstand interrogations

In what is labeled an "Interrogation of an Alleged CIA Agent," one document gives a transcript of a
conversation between Joe Hardesty, a person believed to be employed by the CIA, and an interrogator
of a foreign government named A.I.
It's quite a fascinating conversation that shows how interrogations can quickly go in circles, with the
same questions continually asked, along with outlandish questions meant to throw a subject off balance.
Here's a portion:
A.I.: Your employers trust you?
Hardesty: Of course they trust me.
A.I.: Who trusts you?
Hardesty: Worldwide Leasing Inc.
A.I.: They trust you ... of course.
Hardesty: Yes, but why did you ask me here?
A.I.: Why do you figure, Joe?
There are pages and pages of this frustrating conversation between Joe and A.I., but as the article notes,
Joe "is not out of the woods yet." His interrogator is a microcomputer using an artificial intelligence
program called Analiza. It has pre-loaded responses, and eventually, it will become more

knowledgeable about Joe

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rework Handle it! Times changes things.


from torsdag 7 november 2013

Handle it! Times changes things.

handle it




4      4.     500000000000 US DOLLAR










Human Rights, cruel and bestialic criminalls Using Me, They are not allowed to do that.


It needed to be arranged until a Remote Monitore System for Rambo Microchip. That this might be possible spreads the risk of my life can not be saved or give psychos perpetrators to castrate me or call me mentally ill, which I am not.

Richard Jan Azim Svanberg

Mobile +46 (0) 721 881 571
Email: jan248@live.se

Brunnsgatan 2
582 34 Linköping

Part 1.2 I will not take MagneticXray, The 7 DeathExams and the result.

First Base
The chip is a metallic package and can move in the body, I can be blindnes, defnes, brain damage, paralyzed and Maeby kill me and so on, it is realy risc.

Second Base
Even if I take the MagneticXray, i will not be able to rescue my kids, actually They have already created been damaged genetic, and I belive That most of the problems hapening in the beginnning. Consequently it is no real reasoon for me to take the X-ray. It about 13 years.

Third Base
If the MagneticXray will fail to show at XRAY plate, whith They probely, I could not defend myself, and the can kill me and Castrate me any way They want wihtout my premission. Not any one else (FBI, CIA, and so on) ever can even defend me.

Four Base
MagneticXray create current, and the current can drive through RAMBO CHIP and random and can Castrate me in 5 sekonds and other damage like brain damage can pray.

Would you save the life of me so you will have to testify, they can kill me or destroy me, without any salvation for me for X-rays do not work.

There are two alternative medical examination or trial, but when you think through the options is really only one possible, and it's trial.

Radiography is a death trap.

My bodyguard believes not enough X-rays and would not suggest radiography.

It is too expensive and losing lawsuit or not to go on, by that I mean that my balls have been broken, but also that my property can be lost and it should not, also my reputation as a person, which has been damaged, all of the who have preconceived ideas.

So here we handle it. About Richard.

We bear witness for as long as he can get a child, or even as long as he could understand that he could has a child. No matter what happens.

As long as he sees children in the world and know that he understands that he also could have a child.

We bear witness as long as he has not wrote a star contracts with offenders, that he is happy with, and in this it contains that he still can have child. And they did not fool him on anything. And if they destroyed his right to have a child, we bear witness regardless.

We witness not only for the children we bear witness for the property as well.

Richard is digital and genetic telepath. Telepath anyway.

The mating of the type of crimes described, shall be "det tysta kriget", translated "the silent war."

After examination of the chip, I found the teeth, I know informally that they are originally from Gothenburg garrison.

This is Richard's dream, this dream of their own children to raise, a diplomat and trade family with a family fortune, this dream can not take away from Richard.

One should not hope for medical examinations if maybe it's completely black on the other side. You should be afraid of your life, you have only one. I will not take it examinations.

The day I take x-rays and did not find any chips, I can be transformed into non legal rights slave, I can lose money, children and life and will be constantly lives coated with castration, murder, and murder, torture without the possibility of any defense or be able to say no to my life. I do not want a defense / army pistol, which they force me to use as weapons of death due to high pain and serious torture in genitalia or other parts. Offender has already shown what they are capable of.

I do not spend my life in someone else's hands, that I refuse and do in this case, a psychopath, who probably wants to kill me, as soon as he has a chance, therefore I refuse to take a X-ray, and thus take a chance my life with fear version, but wish that my life is built, to go in the court. If this happens, I have since not a solution to get out of this, so this is how it has to go to. Given that there may be how many were executed, and assassins at any time connected to the RAMBO Microchip, so it is not possible and shoot one or even seven of them to save my life, because there may be several assassins, and all they can do the same thing against me and all is simply not the time to detect and or track, and I'm constantly connected to different satellites and IP connections.
Results offender can ever threaten sexual torture, in 15 seconds, they can get me to lie folded in fetal position enormous pain, which could lead to death. A constant communication with the brain torture. And a lot of horrible and cruel Audio Spotlight that I have to send out my thoughts, so that involuntary listening. Richard commit now not some kind of accessory to murder, but is in some kind of hostage to torture drama.

Everything must now all be done in the right order, then the situation is very serious. And it's just that I'm built to go the first trial. It takes very secure witnesses, where everything must be ready in advance so that we can put the cards on the tables, with conviction, without first not to lose a few solutions, extortion view from both sides, I can now definitely not take any more X-rays, for which the perpetrator knows if he can determine in advance, and the consequences are disastrous, the worst and very brutal and violent torture and can at any moment lead to castration and death, and just the terrible effects that time without any defense.

I will simply continue to be digital and genetic telepath and go up in the right in such a way, and show that I am fine. Among friends, and a population who can believe me, this is very important. The best would be enough to let our king, Richard and friends, companions and responsible companies testify to this very serious situation. Now that the situation is so serious that even lowered the standard of proof, which now looks to be good, considering the 7 SAWfilter from the set of RAMBO Microchip found in the mouth. And with the excellent and poor prospects in store, depending on whether I can succeed or not, I'll simply write a contract or go to trial against them, and certainly not medical examine and x-ray is not any more. Given the gunpoint with ranged weapons directed against me as a permanent electronic torture of body and genital organs, permanent brain torture, and an edited audio spotlight, and with my thinking as digital and genetic telepath.

I'm very tired and it is with a very ugly approach and that in various ways gape about infanticide as perpetrator and with the help of the population. They place blame on me, which is not Richard, but in fact Mattias psychopathic group. Mattias tries again and again with the help of hired in the city and the university put the blame on Richard lie to the whole population to escape themselves. Actually it's about genetically infanticide and they do not know what level of injury appears, however, I am left with the problem, and it has already been ten years so I can not really save them. I see this very seriously. Now killer Matias psychopathic group both me and the kids.

Now killer Peters psychopathic group both me and the kids. It is now about torture and some sort of hostage drama deathreat.

Richard is not deathdoomed, but is under immediate threat of death, death, castration threat and has never had no suesidothought.

Peters psychopathic group exposes now Richard so that he may live a very dangerous situation.

Other arguments

Why do I need to do everything right still on the perpetrator does not make right, it adds too much weight on me, and too little for the perpetrator, but clearly it's me who wants to testify. They think I come with too many excuses, it's not really so, but the perpetrator will usually with a single argument, and is not true, in everything.

How perpetrator work

Richard point marked, and the dot pointshoot at the people who are around him.

They blacken me with infanticide, it is not me and it's called uniqe genetic, and scandals they fabricete on the lie with infanticide.

The media uses Mattias psychopathic group of blacks on me the same way.

Regarding technology.

Rambo Microchip developed by Carl W. Sanders. It consists of RFID and SAWfilter and CMOS.

Advanced Communications. Electronic Torture of Electromagnetic Waves and Electromagnetic Field. And application Audio Spotlight.

RMS program (a communication software) and Motorola satellites. I am connected to secure three or four satellites at all times.

Battery for RFID recharged out changes in body temperature and frequency fitted SAWfilter which creates induced currents.

A 16-bit chip with Zigbee

For more detailed information



The evidence regarding the chip, SAWfilter

-Found RFIDchip and SAWfilterchip and CMOSchip:


Typesetting: Eyes

After examination of the chip I have found on dental, I know informally that they are originally from Gothenburg garrison.

I have always understood and let me know that they come from the Swedish Armed Forces.

And the perpetrator Peter Sturesson Denke had their defense education at Gothenburg garrison coastal hunters, this defense training he received after four weeks interrupt with dismissal when he was not competent enough. I have always believed that it is Peter who came over RAMBO Microchip and that he had taken them away.

Anyway someone have done this to me.

Declaration of conformity (Not READY)

At seven occasions, I have found RFIDchip, SAWFilterchip and transistor from the teeth, eyes and hairline.
Karlstad, on Saturday, June 10, 2000, I found my first proof in the form of a gold-colored metal case with three stripes along the long side of 3.5 * 2 mm metal chips, Today I think it was an RFID because it was twice as large as the next SAWFilter I found later . After a sleepless night with the torture I found on the morning of the gold metal chip during brushing. It could, and every one SAWFilter, but I'm sure it was a RFIDchip. I was awake and watched the whole weekend and took the RFID so that it would not be stolen. As it is greedily for a psychopathic group to steal on Monday June 12 2000 I went to the savings bank and put it into safety deposit boxes. I was not out-tail, and this should stop the chip thieves.
Then it went to August 2000 when I was with T traveled from Vanersborg to Karlstad and back to get out from RFIDchip Savings bank vault and then I traveled with RFIDchip to London and showed RFIDchip and transistor for my family.
Then Peter got psychopathic group make a break and take evidence object RFIDchip and transistor from me. So that I could not save my life and the lives of children and have difficulty and bust criminals. This, I was very bitter about.

2001 Richard filed a chip to the --- Gothenburg it was my first submission of evidence, I was quick with the decision and then immediately off the train to Gothenburg. It SAWFilterchip Richard discovered the mouth of tongue touchdown was dental health.

2001 November 11, Richard found a shallower SAWFilterchip, this time in the evening and I went down to the late late to the … and left into the chip. Wrapping dental health.

2001 mid-November found Richard shallower one SAWFilterchip, this time I left it to the … Wrapping dental health.

2002 July 12 found Richard shallower four silver SAWFilterchip, I went down to Gothenburg and … made the above SAWFilterchip.

2011 June 7, Richard found a shallower CMOSchip with a green metal cover. This is on the photo.

Regarding Richard S property
My property is large in both assets and properties.
As digital and genetic Telepath are my qualities quite all unique.
Obviously , I own the whole telepath material. Also the parts of the Telepath - communickations - progam where my unique skills and characteristics. That and likely that I own the telepath - communickations - progam to psychopathic group worked illegally when they took it out. It is based on my unique features as digital and genetic telepath .
Also psychopathic group owes me a large sum of assets in the production and creation of fees and art value in the form of cash as it is anyway and just take out my telepath - communickations - progam and give it to me .

Conclusion: Richard owns all telepath material value of 500 billions USD and the fee of the value of 500 billions U.S. dollars , a total of 1,000 billions U.S. dollars . Then I own entitled clear the parts of telepath - communickations - progam a chat robot , where my qualities as digital and genetic telepath is posted, maybe the whole program because it is illegal done.
Such sums make me the world's richest man, and makes Peter one of the world 's poorest people when he should pay off my fees and give me telepath - communickations - progam , an advanced chat robot. Regarding ownership of the program.

Regarding ownership of the program.

Richards, a digital and genetic characteristics of telepaths, has been used to create the program.

Since I am a model, prototype and gallionfigure to the program and founded it with Richard's knowledge of Swedish, other languages, audio and video, mind mapping and text work and more, so the program is in the middle, when one adds Richards digital and genetic telepaths properties. Do even the half parts of the program, probably the entire program.

Component parts of the program and its value

Regarding Richard property and people, and psychopathological group.

I do not give away my or my child's property to another man's child, or country. There is nothing I need to accept, or are forced to, then I say no. It is my right to say no.

Perpetrators should not exploit Sweden by allowing people to receive a fraction of my wealth and let me lose everything I own, and not even the rest stay with the perpetrator.
Offenders do not own anything the public can accept, my property is paid off and sent first to me. Before anyone else is receiving. And then from my hand after I decided who will receive. Offenders are also in debt.

It is Richard's property. I would continue to own my property and property rights.

Sweden part of is selfgreedy and greedy, because of my property and if it is my offenders who contacted various Swedes in the Swedish population to take advantage of my property in the country's population fraud. Sweden's population can reverse the operation of the agreed-way through the crime. What I mean is that the Swedish population may not be entitled to receive any amount from my property, that does not come directly from my hand. That while I live with death threats and castration threats, and the perpetrator of the population and daily extortion of a million people and the country's population fraud.

Regarding Richard's children and property.

I want to do the best for my children.

After ten years of involuntary torture, I can not really save my children's genetics, but can now let my children inherit my property. It's something they still have a right to, and yes they have legitimacy and I have planned and have kids with a girl who wants to wear them. After ten years, I am already having problems and they go and do not really change that.

I win only if the children will be born, such children must be born. And the kids is my dream and is therefore planned.

The children like Richard has a unique genetics.

After ten years of involuntary torture, I can not be the genetic child damage, but have to endure what the perpetrator has done on my body. I am and who may deal with a whole life for the children and I am one of them who will be responsibility who child will be born.

Situation . What have I and the tool in his hands.

I have a contract in one hand , a conviction in the other hand , on the head , I have a hat with money, on my backs , I have a child. Perpetrators The worst their is, their blackout similar, same goals, and their leaders have a crowbar in one hand, and a castration tool in your other hand, and on the head, they have a hat with Hittlersymbole.

The criminal leaders have a firearm directed towards my head in one hand , a castration weapon in his other hand, and on the head, they have a hat with Hittlersymbole. On their backs they carry a crude murder, attempted murder and child genetically unique murder.

Explanation : With the crowbar means robbery . With castration tool is meant to constitute a risk of me life , they perform acts without caring anything about the consequences that affect me or when they happen , or against them , they can also be castrated for repeated rape or worse, according to Swedish law . With Hittlersymbolen on the hat is meant to affect the people around me negatively , or the concentration camp they're pushing me , pushing the population to murder me, and paragraph marks my friends.

Explanation : With the crowbar means robbery . With castration tool is meant to constitute a risk of me 

This I based in on.

Sweden's population has no right to contact or have contact with my offender, just because she met me. Sweden's population can actually speak directly with me and keep contact in this way.

If the Swedish population receiving such a part of my property, I can lose everything, and it will not happen.

United Nation Convention characters on Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Adopted December 10, 1948


Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity of all members of the human family and of the equal and inalienable rights is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,

Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech, belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the peoples,

Whereas it is essential if man is not to be compelled as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights are protected by the rule of law,

Whereas it is essential to promote the development of friendly relations between nations,

Whereas the United Nations' peoples in the Charter reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, human dignity and worth of men and women equal rights, determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,

Whereas Member States have undertaken in collaboration with the United Nations, respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms,

Whereas a common understanding of these rights and freedoms is of the utmost importance for the realization of this pledge,

The General Assembly this Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a common standard for all peoples and all nations, that every individual and every organ of society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance, both among the peoples of Member States and among the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction.

Post: They have created a tyranny in which the item selected and contacted Richard and outmanoeuvre familiar and close to the organizations hired to thwart Richard. Among the authorities, medical professionals, student unions are trying to create with hired and with daily instruction, to individuals in various tasks to be herd animals leaders where they help each other out and communities to commit robbery and murder and put Richard in the execution drama. This, by a fraction of the different groupings to create a body of murderer who call themselves spectators, I call them "dead children organization." The former have instead every fear and give him help, and sometimes taking bribes and services to assist and create opportunities to raw murder and put him in an execution drama. They have thus created a space where they arranged a tyranny specifically directed at Richard. They use methods that provide instructions, instructions, prompts, data with an application Audio Spotlight from RAMBO Microchip to the people I talk with about how they should act to help the psychopathic group and get more days to having the opportunity to murder me and genetically modify my children, many cases kill me that day, they could help me solve the case.

How they created a local tyranny: Richard is digital and genetic Telepath. Telepath anyway. This means that can not hide any of My thoughts into words or emotional reactions, combined with EEG, ECG and responses of sensory type reactions danger mm. then it is quite comprehensive in that they use my own intelligence to knock me out, but then uses psyckopat group also has its own to knock me out, I will rarely more an equal, or even when I talk to other people as instructed, and commanded to perform acts and deeds towards me. They also use black, lies and inferiority deal hand sometimes they say that I'm brain dead as Richard is not, and infanticide that he can not have children and other very ugly and inhumane practices against Richard.

The bottom line is a tyranny which they completely removed the inherent dignity of man, especially Richards. And very coarse Richard restricted freedom and justice.

It is still used a very cruel torture, including, among other things, sexual torture, the change of brain waves, the speed will, stroke volume and effectiveness of the heartbeat and 300 million words, emotional contortions mm. In 1000 - times have they repeated every deed and thus the development of new opportunities for torture context. These crimes with body and iron torture has for centuries have outraged human conscience.

Human rights protected by the rule of law. It is difficult, and explain this and need immediately. Document staden11.pdf I explain this in more detail. It is essential that man should not be forced as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, but immediately get help through the rule of law.

A large amount of people in different populations and different nations know the story, and I want to testify.

UN seeks it decided to promote social progress and better living condition in larger freedom. I should of human souls go to school.

Whereas Member States have undertaken in collaboration with the United Nations, respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms. I have instead of getting help with police investigations and the trial was immediately and repeatedly deposited in a heavy psychiatry department, which can be counted as a Nazi camp along with torture and imprisonment. I usually call it as Auswits camp.

Whereas a common understanding of these rights and freedoms is of the greatest betydlse for the fulfillment of this commitment.



The reasoning on why Richard should not write in their own death, my life, children, and why he should not be X-rayed and false rumors of infanticide.

Slave without rights can be the result of a lifetime for Richard if not RFIDchip visible on x-ray.

One should not hope for it may be completely black on the other side. You should not use this solution. You should be afraid of your lives they have only one. Regarding X-ray examinations and medical hope. One should not give away Jan life, you should struggle, Jan am also a person.

I need the best police resources in the world before X-rays and arrange with the investigation and trial, and my life at stake. No doctor, police or other authorities can really solve it for x-ray of blackmail purposes of torture opportunities.



This precariously written and quite difficult formulated.

What type of crime is here

What type of crime is this
Hostage Drama, creating a kind of tyranny, like extortion, aggravated torture digest with attempted murder and lengthy cross-examination, exhausted call, the "silent war", blacks, cover up with lies to embarrass me and castration threat. Illusions, conspiracy, conspiracy theory, surveyed planning procedures, aggregation groups.

Hostage Drama, type extortion, torture, rough summary of murdertry and lengthy cross-examination, blacks, me with lies to embarrass me and the castration threat.

Torture and assassination attempts

Revision Horror

The day I take x-rays and did not find any chips, I can be transformed into a slave without rights, I may lose money and children and be constantly lives coated with castration, murder, torture and murder without the possibility of defense or to deny the existence, forced to also accept. I do not want a defense / army pistol, as the death weapon.

This means that in principle, impossible or very difficult to go right on psychopathic group refuses me this by castration methods but I can not save my or the child's life. I'm writing basically for my death sentence, and will not sign it and then not produce X-rays.

I live by the constant threat of constant threat of life, castration and damage with constant pain in the form of brain torture and body -torture, and a constant Audio Spotlight, which interferes with the suffering public. Because I do not afterward have no viable solution. I will be their slave without any rights. They have already demonstrated that psychopathic group what they are willing to and capable of performing, and this is likely patterns. There is already evidence of SAWfilter and they belong to a set of RAMBO Microchip.

I need the best investigations, police resources and legal offices and courts in the world. It is one of the hardest and toughest of trials in the world. I need bodyguards and my life at stake. No doctor, police or other authorities can really solve it for x-ray of blackmail purposes of torture opportunities of the perpetrators knowledge.

None of the public can guarantee a solution afterwards, so no one will take my decision to X-ray, it is my body and I should take decisions about my body and the life I have. I absolutely can not take an X-ray and no one can force me to do so. On the next take away my chances of survival of X-rays do not see RAMBO Microchip. So I can lose the right to life, children and money.

Given that the very high pain, it takes 15 seconds for the perpetrator to get me and put me in a fetal position on the ground, they can also castrate me and make the same pain afterwards again if I tried to take revenge or trap them afterwards, although I would be slain without a solution. I can not remove the my survive chances.

I absolutely can not take any more physical/doctor -examination. I have already taken at least, two dental X-rays, three X-ray, and öronvaxningar and more, with the results returned. When more output from the evidence could lead to that I basically proved my own death warrant, and constant absolute danger to life, so finding I will not take any more physical/doctor -examination. Anyone who even tries or accomplishes this makes a very assault murder. No one else can do them without my knowledge either, then the results can be accidentally falls into the wrong hands or offenders. In principle it is not possible to go right to save my life the normal way in the right after this. And I have already found seven chip in his mouth, so the evidence is adequate regarding that Richard spent Rambo Microchip.

I'm not brain dead and may have children, we assume after that it does not show anything else. There seems to be this way, then it's probably are so.


And with the excellent and poor prospects in store, depending on whether I can succeed or not, I'll simply write a contract or go to trial against them, and certainly not medical examine and x-ray is not any more.

And I simply do not put it differently.

Absolutely not prove a likely death sentence in advance, so that the perpetrator may decide later, right out, it has devastating consequences.

Go in the right to clear submitted cards and instantly provide evidence for a conviction, with secure witnesses before we go into the referee. And it can be done. Preferably with as many people safe story and as safe as possible witnesses. And like the defense statement, medical and legal opinion as many as possible as it will go and arrange.

Richard Svanberg
The letter is private action, and shall not include public law.
Between Jan Richard Azim Svanberg and Embassy of the United States of America.

Richard Jan Azim Svanberg
Mobil +46 (0) 721 881571
Email: jan248@live.se
Brunnsgatan 2
582 34 Linköping

some details

X-ray is dealt with executions Do not write a death warrant Capable, Competent and Prone

I have also make a lifelong promises that never more as rare as possible.


favorit i reprice från 20 mars 2014

140810 Rambochip jag fann i munnen.

favorite in reprice från 20 mars 2014

torsdag 31 oktober 2013

Eye CMOS Chip from RAMBO Microchip

This is a CMOS microchip from a RAMBO microchip set.
A little unclear focus on the photo but the colour is a dark green chip
with gold plates underneath, the microchip I found in my eye 11-june-2011.
Richard Jan A Svanberg 19780614-5632

Detta är ett CMOS chip från ett RAMBO microchip set.
Lite oklar skärpa på fotot men färgen visar ett mörkgrönt chip
med guldpleteringar på undersidan, microchipet
hittade jag i mitt öga 11-juni-2011.
Richard Jan A Svanberg 19780614-5632

Who cals who

A 50's people in this city confirms by saying that Peter Sturesson is the person calling different families in Linköping tonnårsflickor and offer them money, and create murder situation to me. Some have also said that Markus Sjölin calling people in Gothenburg and trying to arrange a murder situation to me.
Its my property, not your.

Ett 50 tal människor i den här staden bekräftar genom att berätta att Peter Sturesson är den person som ringer olika familjer i Linköping med tonnårsflickor och erbjuder dem pengar, för och skapa mordsituation på mig. Några har också sagt att Markus Sjölin ringer till personer i Göteborg och försöker ordna en mordsituation på mig.
Det är min egendom inte eran.

torsdag 18 september 2014

A Batteryless Sensor Chip for the Internet of Things


A Batteryless Sensor Chip for the Internet of Things

The promise of the Internet of things is, in a sense, passivity. Our homes and offices will monitor us, and respond to our needs without instruction. But for tiny wireless sensors all over us and our things to really be feasible, we’ll have to replace today’s power-needy devices with more self-sufficient alternatives.
A new kind of ultra-low-power microchip design could help make this possible.
Normally, the transistors in circuits are either on, with current flowing through them, or off, with no current flowing through them, depending on whether their voltage supply is above or below a certain threshold value. In reality, though, a small amount of current leaks through most transistors even when they are technically switched off. For certain tasks, chips can be designed to take advantage of this phenomenon and use this current, dramatically reducing their need to switch to a more power-intensive “on” state.
A Virginia-based startup called PsiKick is developing one such microchip for simple sensing tasks. Depending on the application, it consumes between 1 and 0.1 percent of the power of comparable chips on the market, says PsiKick cofounder David Wentzloff.
Wentzloff and cofounder Benton Calhoun did their graduate work together in Anantha Chandrakasan’s Energy-Efficient Circuits and Systemslab at MIT. The two went on to become professors at the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia, respectively, but continued their collaboration. The startup plans to sell its first chips in 2015.
Wentzloff and Calhoun aren’t the only ones developing what are known as “sub-threshold” microchips. Others exploring the concept include ARM Holdings, the British microchip company that licenses designs for many mobile processors, and IMEC, a microelectronic research center based in Belgium.
Requiring so little power means PsiKick’s chip can function even with the small amounts of power that can be scavenged without using a battery. Wentzloff and Calhoun have tested their chip design in a wearable EKG monitor that runs entirely on body heat. Thanks to other energy-saving techniques, the device required 0.1 percent of the power consumed by a typical EKG monitor, Wentzloff says.
In the future, the energy could come from a small solar panel; an antenna that collects ambient radio wave energy; a thermoelectric material that absorbs body heat; or piezoelectric devices that collect energy from movement.
Luis Ceze, an associate professor in computer science and engineering at the University of Washington, says he’s been following the work of Wentzloff and Calhoun and thinks their technology has promise.
“If you can actually pull off designing devices that work off of harvesting energy, it opens up an incredible number of applications,” Ceze says. “It’s pointing toward a trend that I think will be incredibly exciting.”
Gain the insight you need on the Internet of Things at EmTech MIT.
Register today

söndag 14 september 2014

Powering a hearing implant


Powering a hearing implant

The device is powered by a battery that is recharged when the user places a small radio transmitter against his or her head for 60 to 90 minutes. The transmitter is held to the skin by a magnet in the implant. An inductive coil in the implant converts the radio energy to electricity and recharges the battery with it. The battery can stay inside the body for at least five years, according to the company, before it needs to be replaced.

a microphone implanted underneath the skin behind the user’s ear.

Internal radio receiver with external radio transmitter
HEARING AID The present invention relates to a hearing aid system comprising a hearing implant and method of powering a hearing implant.
Broadly speaking the present invention is based on powering a middle or inner ear implant using a light signal.

It is possible for powering using a photo electric receiver
photoreceiver of the ear implant and converted to an electrical signal for driving the hearing actuator.

A major feature of Spindel's approach is that the device doesn't obstruct the normal hearing process. "Leaving the middle ear system intact and establishing a second independent input pathway to the inner ear opens the possibility for using the normal acoustic pathway and round window electromagnet simultaneously to establish constructive and destructive sound patterns in the inner ear,"

See the following picture of a Spindel middle ear implant

Hearing Aid Is there a better ear?
By David Plotz
The Project
What if we use the implant technology on undamaged ears? People with normal hearing could wear implants—or in a much less intrusive procedure, removable amplifiers in the middle ear—that would receive signals from microphones outside the ear.

There's no limit to what microphones could feed into the ear. Wearing a directional microphone would enable you to eavesdrop on conversations across a room or behind you. There are also microphones that enhance the "cocktail party effect"—the phenomenon that allows you to tune out loud chatter in order to hear the person talking to you. Such a mike would amplify a conversation right next to you but wash out all the other ambient noise. Using a combination of mikes would permit you to eavesdrop at a distance and then focus in on up-close chatter, with the flick of a switch.