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1983, AI program and interrogations

pszoldra@businessinsider.com (Paul Szoldra)
Business Insider - Saturday, September 20, 2014

In 1983, the CIA was using an artificial intelligence program to 

help officers withstand interrogations

In what is labeled an "Interrogation of an Alleged CIA Agent," one document gives a transcript of a
conversation between Joe Hardesty, a person believed to be employed by the CIA, and an interrogator
of a foreign government named A.I.
It's quite a fascinating conversation that shows how interrogations can quickly go in circles, with the
same questions continually asked, along with outlandish questions meant to throw a subject off balance.
Here's a portion:
A.I.: Your employers trust you?
Hardesty: Of course they trust me.
A.I.: Who trusts you?
Hardesty: Worldwide Leasing Inc.
A.I.: They trust you ... of course.
Hardesty: Yes, but why did you ask me here?
A.I.: Why do you figure, Joe?
There are pages and pages of this frustrating conversation between Joe and A.I., but as the article notes,
Joe "is not out of the woods yet." His interrogator is a microcomputer using an artificial intelligence
program called Analiza. It has pre-loaded responses, and eventually, it will become more

knowledgeable about Joe

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