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Cinema Releases 2013-07

Movies I've seen at the cinema or think is interesting to see ...
Filmer jag sett på bio eller tycker verkar intressanta att se...

20130628 Tyskungen
20130703 The Lone Ranger
20130712 World War Z

tisdag 25 juni 2013

Thought Theft & Pentagon is at least [ten to] twenty years ahead of the consumer market technologically in terms of prototypes


Babylon... mothers many demon, I an' I know. Multitude horde! -William Gibson,Neuromancer (1984)
The History Channel, That's Impossible series, episode 6 entitled Mind Control
August 11, 2009, at 10 pm pst, posted here :
Miracle technology could allow people to transmit their brainwaves and speak to each other mind-to-mind. Scientists are working to create computers that read thoughts to find terrorists, and machines to scan our minds like thumbprints--causing some to wonder if "thought theft" could become the crime of the future.
Also to be available on iTunes.
The summary is what I discussed at my interview for the program. This is a very brief and limited overview of a 30 page paper that will include full citations and that will be posted on my website soon. The summary is here and is entitled: U.S. secrecy methods for mind control weapons have fooled almost everyone.
ce399 notes:
One fact that Ms. Welsh perhaps fails to mention in her summary is something that was discussed here in the past and should be quite obvious to researchers. I've not read the entire paper, so she may have written about this in the full version:
...the Pentagon is at least [ten to] twenty years ahead of the consumer market technologically in terms of prototypes,  has spent millions on black budget exotic and 'non-lethal' information and other similar weapon systems and quite possibly has a separate division for R&D (not including DARPA) in this area [electronic warfare].
This information is implied in her comparison of mind control weapons development to the building of the atomic bomb. However, it is quite often necessary to make such information blatantly clear in order to surmount the vast psychological dividing walls layered within the psyche of the 'unconscious' fascist target.
The information regarding the technological advancement of the Pentagon versus the civilian consumer market was verified by a person I informally interviewed in 2007 who claimed to be a special operations mercenary for a U.S. intelligence service.
Additionally, I know from first hand experience that Remote Neural Monitoringis a reality.  I have "witnessed" the operational capabilities of this technology and they were later "verified" by an acquaintance - probably a covert asset for a US domestic and foreign intelligence agency. More on this later.
The pretext is counter terrorism, however, the more profound reality indicates a direction toward the creation of a remote technological infrastructure to command and control the consciousness of the current post-human and the future trans-human. One investigating these matters really needs to look at the entire unspeakably horrific bricolage - of which mind control is only a partial component. The other components have been extensively researched and archived here in the past: eugenics, genomics, biotechnology, cybernetics, trans-humanism, genetically modified food, the Global Genome, IBM "Life Sciences", infomorphs, artificial intelligence, etc.

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Cinema Releases 2013

Movies I've seen at the cinema or think is interesting to see ...
Filmer jag sett på bio eller tycker verkar intressanta att se...

20130626 Man Of Steel 3D
20130626 DummaMej 2 3D
20130622 The Internship

Remote Control


Remote Control

Excerpt from OK Bomb - Conspiracy and Cover-up
by Jim Kieth 1996
Speaking of his research with Motorola, General Electric, and the Boston Medical Center, Sanders explains, "We noticed that the frequency of the chip had a great effect upon behavior and so we began to branch off and look possibly at behavior modification ... the project almost turned into electronic acupuncture because what they ended up with was embedding a microchip to put out a signal which affected certain areas. They were able to determine that you could cause a behavioral change." Sanders has also spoken about a "Rambo chip," which stimulates adrenaline and turns humans into fighting machines, the technology reportedly developed under the auspices of "the Phoenix Program." The Rambo chip has reportedly been tested on soldiers.

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blogginlägg 20130620

X-ray is dealt with executions Do not write a death warrant Capable, Competent and Prone


onsdag 19 juni 2013

blogginlägg 20130620

I'm not, and I will not be,
it is you, will you continue being it,
and it will not be.
I can actually possess not save it after 13 years, I'll just make sure that they will be.
And they'll have their heritage.
It's my property, and assets.
My qualities as Digital and Genetic Telepath is on the program, and the parts are definitely mine.
You probilty can not pay the debt, they are probably just and heave it up.

My skills are fine.
Have a good night.

det är jag inte, det blir jag inte,
det är ni, det kommer ni fortsätta va,
och det blir det inte.
Jag kan egenteligen inte rädda det efter 13 år, jag ska bara se till att det blir till,
Och de ska ha sitt arv.
Det är min egendom, och tillgångar.
Mina egenskaper som Digital och Genetisk Telepath ligger på det programmet, och de delar är definitivt mitt.
Du klarar nog inte av och betala skulden, de är nog bara och hiva fram det.

Mina kunskaper är fina.
Ha en bra natt.


måndag 17 juni 2013

Blogginlägg 20130617

1000 page views in two weeks.

Celebrating over 1000 requests, hope you update and follow it up and it is good and know where we stand. I also hope that you write some comment.


1000 sidvisningar på två veckor.

Firar med över 1000 sidvisningar, hoppas ni uppdaterar er och följer upp den och, det är bra och veta var vi står. Hoppas med på att ni skriver någon kommentar.


söndag 16 juni 2013

kryptering utdrag

PTS som numera är de som reglerar vår verksamhet har inte vad jag vet något uttryckligt förbud mot kryptering. Det enda de säger är att anropssignaler ska anges i början och slutet av QSOt samt med korta mellanrum under sändningen.

Det äldre reglelverket B:90 hade krav på att kommunikationen skulle ske i klartext.

Observera att D* inte är krypterat med avseende på att vara hemligt - vem som vill kan köpa utrustning och avlyssna trafiken.

Om några däremot började kryptera sina QSO:n med avsikten att inte kunna avlyssnas så gissar jag på att det kommer komma regler kring kryptering från PTS. Det med tanke på terrorhot och annan kriminell verksamhet.

Regelverken ligger på PTS hemsida under radio/amatörradio. De är dock splittrade över ett flertal styrdockument och svåra att tolka. Vill du verkligen veta så får du nog kontakta dem.

Bengt / KBW

onsdag 12 juni 2013

Compass RMS: Remote Monitoring System (RMS)


Here is an interesting example of Remote Monitoring System (RMS)

Compass RMS: Remote Monitoring System (RMS)
RMServer uses of an serial-number, the Internet with a wireless router, computer with software.
The auto-detect for example which speakers are nearby, with an serial-number and ID-name.

Especially I check on menu systems: Time: 0150-0250 on compass RMS.

It is also an RMS connected to the computer when use Rambo Microchip.
RMS Connects to your computer and transmits to the satellite and down to RAMBO Microchip and forth.

Här är ett intressant exempel på Remote Monitoring System (RMS).

Compass RMS: Remote Monitoring System (RMS)
RMServer använder sig av t.ex serial-number, Internet med en wireless router, dator med mjukvara.
Den auto-upptäcker till exempel vilka högtalare som är i närheten, med ett serial-nummer och ID-namn.

Speciellt kolla jag på menysystemen: tid: 0150-0250 på compass RMS.

Det är också ett RMS som kopplas till datorn då man använder RAMBO Microchip.
RMS Kopplas till datorn och sänder till satellit och ner till RAMBO Microchip och tillbaka.

söndag 9 juni 2013

Cinema Releases 2013

Movies I've seen at the cinema or think is interesting to see ...
Filmer jag sett på bio eller tycker verkar intressanta att se...

20130117 Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters - Paramount Pictures Corporation
20130208 Top Gun 2 Falls Appart 3D - Paramount Pictures
20130214 A Good Day To Die Hard - 20th Century Fox
20130214 Beautiful Creature - Warner Bros.
20130215 Escape From Planet Earth - The Weinstein Company
20130301 Jack The Giant Slayer - Warner Bros / New Line Cinema
20130301 Phantom - RCR Media Group
20130301 The Attack Of 26/11 - Eros International
20130313 The Croods - 20th Century Fox / DreamWorks Animation
20130315 Oz - The Great And Powerful - Walt Disney Pictures 
20130315 Spring Breakers - A24
20130315 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - Warner Bros / New Line Cinema
20130315 Welcome To The Punch - IFC Films
20130322 Love And Honor - IFC Films
20130322 Olympus Has Fallen - FilmDistrict
20130327 G.I. Joe Retaliation 3D - Paramount pictures / MGM
20130327 Trance - The Drill - Fox Searchlight Pictures
20130329 The Host - Open Road Films
20130405 Jurassic Park 3D - Universal Pictures
20130410 Fist Of Legendes - Cinema Service
20130410 Oblivion -  Universal Pictures
20130412 42 - Universal Pictures
20130412 Scary Movie 5 - Dimensons Films
20130419 Home Run - Samuel Goldwyn Films / Provident Films
20130424 At Any Price - Sony Pictures Classics
20130424 Ironman 3 - Marvel Studios / Walt Disney Pictures
20130426 Pain & Gain - Paramount pictures
20130510 Afterchock - Dimensons Films
20130510 Star Treck Into Darkness 3D - Paramount Pictures / Bad Robot Productions
20130517 The Great Gatsby - Warner Bros.
20130517 The Hangover III - Warner Bros.
20130522 Fast And Fuious 6 - Universal Studios
20130524 Epic - 20th Century Fox Blue Sky Studios
20130531 After Earth - Colombia Pictures
20130531 Byzantium - StudioCanal
20130531 Now You See Me - Summit Entertainment
20130521 The East -  Fox Searchlight Pictures

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blogginlägg 20130603

This is a picture from my own archives at the Audio Spotlight

här är en bild från mitt eget arkiv på Audio Spotlight


Blogginlägg 20130602

Technical names of Ultrasound

Market product:

  • Audio Spotlight
  • HSS(Hyper Sonic Sound)
  • Sound Shower 2
  • LRAD

Pentagon names their ultrasound:

  • Synthetic Telepathy


Blogginlägg 20130602 update blogg

Det är väl dags att gå ut igen.
Har talat med Peter ett antal gånger på telefon.
Han förnekar brott, all kännedom om företag och rambo microochip.
Och min egendom och tillgångar, vill han inte ge mig, vill inte heller erkänna att han känner till det.
Jag har frågat om samarbete flera gånger, men han är inte intresserad.
För att vinna tid verkar han vara intresserad, men när det kommer till punkt har han flera gånger sagt nej.
Så det är väl bara och fälla honom då.
Jag vill ha min egendom och tillgångar.
Vi vet att det är ett RAMBO MICROCHIP ifrån Försvaret Sverige.
Jag känner också till att den kallas Audio Spotlight, jag har själv vart nere på Linköping Flygvapen museum, och lyssnat på deras sändning av riktat ljud med Ultrasound.
Och det är samma princip.

It is well time to go out again.
Talked to Peter a number of times on the phone.
He denies the offense, all knowledge of the company and rambo microochip.
And my property and assets, he does not give me, do not want to admit that he knows it.
I have asked for cooperation several times, but he is not interested.
To gain time, he seems to be interested, but when it comes to the point, he has repeatedly said no.
So, is it just and trap him then.
I want my property and assets.
We know there is a RAMBO MICROCHIP from Sweden's defense.
I also know that it is called Audio Spotlight, I have myself every down at Linköping Air Force Museum, and listened to their transmitting directional sound with Ultrasound.
And it's the same principle.