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Iridium 1999-2002, Iridium 9505 Satellite Phone

Iridium 9505 Satellite Phone

Iridium 9505
Iridium 9505
Item# IRU05
Regular: $999.00
Sale: $549.00

Product Description

The Iridium 9505 satellite phone enables you to make or receive calls anywhere on earth, period! This was actually the first satellite phone ever sold for commercial use, manufactured by Motorola. This sat phone works as well as any of the newer Iridium satellite phones. You can also access the internet with this phone when you also purchase an Iridium data kit. Please note that data speeds are slow at 9.6kbps, but that is good enough for email or grip files.

The Iridium 9505 is no longer manufactured, but we have it in stock, refurbished and ready to go. We also stock and sell all accessories for the 9505 handset.

This Iridium 9505 sat phone is refurbished, in full working order and comes with: 1 Iridium 9505 battery 1 DC car charger plus AC adapter 1 leather case 1 iridium 9505 user guide

Technical Specs * Provides up to 20 hours of standby time with high capacity battery * Provides up to 2 hours of talk time with high capacity battery * Illuminated Holographic Display * 4 X 16 illuminated graphic display * Auto Redial Notification Mailbox for Numeric & Text (120 characters) * International Access Key Sequence (+ key) Clear Last Digit/Clear All Digits * Volume Adjustment (earpiece or ringer) * Name Storage (recall by name or location) * Last 10 Numbers Dialed * 16-Digit Name Tag * 32-Digit Number Capacity Phone Book * 100 Alpha and Numeric Memory Storage * One-Touch Dialing * Battery Meter * Automatic Display Call Timer * Low Battery Warning * Signal Strength Meter

Prepaid Airtime sim cards are available in the following increments: 500 mins - Expires after 1 year 1000 mins Expires after 2 years 3000 mins Expires after 2 years 5000 mins Expires after 2 years The problem with prepaid airtime is that if your card runs out whilst in use then you will not be able to make a call to add more minutes. Also if you let your card expire there is a $250 charge to reset it. On the other side it is a good way to manage your expenses by limiting your exposure.

Postpaid Airtime Postpaid service works just like a standard cell phone contract, you pay a set amount each month for a bundle of minutes, if you exceed your minutes the phone will keep working just at a slightly higher rate per minute. Plans include: $39.99 per month - includes 10 minutes $59.99 per minute - includes 40 minutes $99.99 per month - includes 90 minutes

We also rent this phone from as low as $39 per week, to rent call 1-619-888-7373


Iridium 9505 Antenna
Regular: $299.99
Sale: $249.00
Iridium 9505 Satellite Phone Battery
Regular: $149.99
Sale: $119.99
Iridium 9500 Wall Charger
Regular: $399.99
Sale: $299.99
Motorola 9500 Data Kit
Regular: $299.99
Sale: $249.99
Iridium Magmount Antenna 1.5M
Regular: $199.99
Sale: $129.99
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Regular: $99.99
Sale: $59.99

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