onsdag 6 augusti 2014

Cinema Releases 2014-08-06

Cinema Releases 2014-08-06

Movies I've seen at the cinema or think is interesting to see ...
Filmer jag sett på bio eller tycker verkar intressanta att se...

20140813 The Expendables 3 - Lionsgate
                 Official - http://theexpendables3film.com/
                     Realy cool action
20140822  Blodsband - Nonstop Entertainment
                 Official - http://www.nonstopentertainment.com/index.php?dir=1&page=10&movieType=CURRENT&movieID=1288&contentTemplate=movieData&sort=releaseDate
                  It could be a good story
20140822 Lucy - Universal Pictures
                 Official - http://www.lucymovieintl.com/ww/
                       Human superpower

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