lördag 23 juli 2016

Understand this

I need a RAMBO Modem. That my solve. I alredy have proof, that i need.
As u understand there will not be any moore X-ray of any kind, i found no sentence with it, and Peter still and continue have the responebillity, and i will not share an title with with him. He make this problem and he has a responsibilty to make this right, not me.Take the X-ray, could just send me to penalty of death, and i will not sign. Things change with time, and i cant change the past. I think both my brain, life and my penis is importand.
A contract have been on his desc for 10 years, he was not intrested of save any child or sign it, he just want my family property, which i does not allow him to have. Its my, Richards Svanberg property. He did not sign in time, he has the title of try to murder me, with current use Local heater a RFIDcircuit loaded from Satelite Power(Watt, W).
I want to like my money and child, and my girlfriend. Leonardo Da'vinci.
With the contract, i do not give up, my child, i sequre my family future, offspring and survival.
This is the story of why almost every one who have RAMBO Microchip, not can get it out, and have the same problem...
Light and sound can pass throught MMC without notice it, there is no refraction, the X-ray will have no picture of the Rambo Microchip in the almost every case, either not MRI would have a chance to, its only work with organic material. And im not intrested in this solve, even if it could work.
U will have the longest time penalty in the world history, and the biggest sueamount, after my calculations. Remember who I,am.
Richard Jan A Svanberg

Photo: I reel Rambo microchip, RFID chip, Richard S

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