lördag 11 februari 2017

Cinema Releases 20170211

Cinema Releases 20170211

Movies I've seen at the cinema or think is interesting to see ...

Filmer jag sett på bio eller tycker verkar intressanta att se...

20170203 Vaiana 3D (Moana) - Disney
                    Official - http://disney.se/
                    Maeby not so high on my list, anyway is it a disney.
20170210 Fifty Shades Darker - Universal

                    Official - http://www.fiftyshades.se/
                    It ceem to be a great lovestory, a beautiful women to as headcharacter 
20170217 The Great Wall - Universal - Legendary

                    Official - http://www.thegreatwallmovie.com/
                    This adventure, action movie will be great

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