torsdag 5 april 2018

Human body reactions - Rambo Microchip - Current with Local Heater on RFID

-If u burn someones hands and feet with current, later memory will recreate this situation again and again in different situations, this calls reflexreactions.
And its not a sitation that are dangerous, more disliked, of me and u. So we dont care about result.

-To much yelling and strange voices does a human disturb and make it difficult to consort with other

- Stress leads to psycology aggresivity if its more then a hour and aggresive intense

- Passive torture where silence and pressure are the cause of dual work for the brain as it is barely able to work with conversation is the torturer's fault. There is pressure of 100-120 words per minute for every hours, it is constantly and difficult. Then it's about memory complications after too much memory usage.

- An effect u feel right now of effect from a tortyre is what u experience, even if real life could be different

- reduced feelings and torture, what u feel for the day, u think is experience for real

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