fredag 11 maj 2018

satellite power to RFID current for Local Heater to biological function, and no battery will be needed and about X-ray

How does this work Rambo microchip with Local Heater

-Satellite use solarpanels and sending us RF Power over a integratedantenna on RFID.
-RFID  use integratedantenna and a diod(rectenna) to RF Power to current
-With different frequency on RFID Local Heather, u can send current to different biological function
-Biological function will affected and reacted

How does this work Rambo microchip and CMOS-Compatible
RFID connect to CMOS MEMS Loudspeaker and CMOS MEMS Microphone

And Xrays
- Magnet X-ray take only organic material not metal
- X-ray light will not and sound will with not with any possibility take  Metal Matrix Composite
- MMC have no diffraction and sound and light will pass right thrugh without reflect either will light or sound X-ray detect MMC

And follow
- With this in mind the afterfollow risk is to high.
- I could be a torture victims for rest of my life.
- I could be castrated or killed without getting out this Rambo Microchip off under my skin.
- I cant control my life, and possibility of getting child will be at risk.
- I cant get back what i alredy lost, child, sexuality, time, its impossible.
- I want my property and assets, material, patent and money.
- I need a Iridium RAMBO Microchip Modem, thats my best chances.
- I have to testify in court before i do any kind of X-ray and that will not work other way around
- If and as long they dont sign the contract, the title is all theirs.
-The are susceptible, competent and capable to do what i told.

I will not X-ray either will i share other peoples crime titles
Whats hapen have hapen under the last 18 years, and i cant change time back.
And I still can have a child, so my assets will follow to my child as a heir.
I will do my best from their

And this Rambo Microchip if get my information right is come from KA1 Waxholmen Swedish defense year 1999-2000, the last year they had before closing it, and where it come from in Sweden before that. And i know who are responsibilty for it, Darpa.

Richard Svanberg

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