söndag 15 februari 2015

Cinema Releases 2015-02-15

Movies I've seen at the cinema or think is interesting to see ...

Filmer jag sett på bio eller tycker verkar intressanta att se...

20150130 Kingsman: the Secret Service - 20th Century Fox
                    Official - http://www.kingsmanmovie.com/
                    Special Actionmove, a functional family of problemsolvers
20150130 The Theory of Everything - Universal
                    Official - http://www.thetheoryofeverythingmovie.co.uk/
                    Its something special about this movie, a sad story created
20150206 Project Almanac Paramount Pictures
                    Official - http://www.projectalmanac.com/
                    Standard movie with theme timetravels is cool
20150206 Night At the Museum: Secret of the Tomb - 20th Century Fox
                    Official - http://www.nightatthemuseummovie.com/index.php?                               page=home#home
                    Always think this strange comedy is realy funny 
20150206 Jupiter Ascending - Warner Bros Pictures
                    Official - http://www.jupiterascending.com/
                    Same team make Matrix, now come with this story, interesting
20150213 The Riot Club Nonstop Entertainment
                    Official - http://www.theriotclub.co.uk/
                    Really exciting University movie 
20150213 Fifty Shades of Grey Universal
                    Official - http://www.fiftyshades-movie.co.uk/
                    Romantic movie with a successful man and his woman
20150225 The Seventh Son - Unversal, Legendary
                    Official - http://www.seventhson-film.com/ww/
                    A fantasy story just in my taste                    

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