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Cinema Releases 20160123

Cinema Releases 20160123

Movies I've seen at the cinema or think is interesting to see ...

Filmer jag sett på bio eller tycker verkar intressanta att se...

20160122 The 5th Wave - Colombia Pictures - Sony Pictures
                    Official - http://5thwavemovie.tumblr.com/
                    Alien action and this movie C realy promesing
20160122 The Big Shoort - Paramount Picture - Regency
                    Official - http://www.thebigshortmovie.com/
                    Wall Street movie, good acters, and me who have been in NY will like this
20160205 Creed - Metro Goldwyn Mayer - Warner Bros Company
                    Official - http://creedthemovie.com/
                    For every one that love Rocky, include me, this is a new start
20160205 Point Break 3D - Alcon Entertainment - Lionsgate
                    Official - http://pointbreakmovie.com/
                    Awesome movie, adrenaline ruch, for us that know what adrenaline is
20160213 Dead Pool - 20th Century Fox
                    Official - http://www.foxmovies.com/movies/deadpool
                    Marvel, a new one, i think this is Cworthy

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