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Microchips of the rich and famous

Microchips of the rich and famous
Electronic Wire/TNS metimes gun-toting bodyguards, armored limousines and clever disguises just aren't enough. Now the rich and famous of the world are being offered a new kind of protection to keep them from the greedy clutches of ransom-seeking kidnappers: A microchip that will be implanted under their skin.
The device is being marketed to the world's richest families as protection against the booming worldwide business in abductions, which has risen by 60 percent in the last eight years, especially in impoverished and corrupt countries like Mexico, Chechnya and the Philippines.
The new technology, reported by the Times of London, is a low-power chip that sucks electrical energy from the body itself and--according to the Gen-Etics corporation that makes the things--can be detected by Global Positioning System satellites circling the globe.
Designed first by the Israeli spy-masters of the Mossad, Gen-Etics is launching the new "Sky-Eye" chips in Milan, Italy. The company told the Times that it has already stitched the $7,500 gadget into 45 of the world's richest people.
Once a person "wearing" a Sky-Eye chip is abducted, cops and security teams will track his or her location using the satellites and--presumably--send in a commando squad to rescue them. The Sky-Eye is said to have a margin of error of just 150 yards.
But what if the kidnappers decide to tear the thing out themselves? Gen-Etics doesn't have a perfect answer for that question, although they're trying. First, the actual surgery to insert the tiny chip is done under an anesthetic that makes it impossible for the kidnap victim to even remember where it was put in. Second, the thing is so small--just 4 mm by 4 mm, and running on just a few milliamperes of the body's own natural electricity--that it doesn't show up on x-rays. 
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