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RF SAW filter tailored for UHF band RFID readers

RF SAW filter tailored for UHF band RFID readers
RF SAW filter tailored for UHF band RFID readers
Murata Mfg Co. Ltd has come up with an RF SAW filter for the UHF band RFID reader/writer component intended for the Japanese market.
RFID is a system designed for electronic tag-based distribution systems with applications in such areas as transportation, conveyance, food management, medicine and finance. According to Murata, the development of the device focused at the UHF band RFID system, which is becoming widely used in Japan.
This product utilises 2MHz bandwidth between 952MHz and 954MHz, the standard used in Japan. Since cell phones use the neighbouring bandwidth, the electric characteristic of this filter was designed to be acutely selective, Murata said.
The company also reported low loss and high attenuation by using a quartz substrate with good temperature characteristics as well as its own electrode design technology. The device kept transmission loss at less than 4.5dB while maintaining high attenuation in the neighbouring cell phone frequency at over 20dB, the company claimed.
At 3.8-by-3.8-by-1.5mm, the device is said to be smaller compared to existing mainstream filters. Production volume has been increasing since April and is expected to reach 100,000 units per month by October 2006.
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