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The Sky-Eye Chip Now Available to the Rich!

The Sky-Eye Chip Now Available to the Rich!
In 1995, Wired magazine, among others, unveiled the scannable electronic tag for pets and livestock, manufactured by Trovan Electronics and marketed by InfoPet to pet shops and veterinary clinics across the country. Of course, it didn't take long before the chip tagging idea caught on in other industries. In England, for instance, Yamaha motorcycle dealers offered to "chip your motorcycle," one ad read. "You can have an ID chip implanted into your bike's frame, wheels, tank and seat. If the bike is stolen or stripped, the parts can be tracked."
As in the subject of "cloning," the whispered question is: What about people? Will people be tagged? "As the father of three small children, I can't help but feel there could be some legitimate arguments made for the voluntary chipping of kids," argued Mark David, editor-in-chief for Auto I.D. News, a trade publication for the electronic scanning industry, in its August 1994 edition.
David's argument was "any parent who has ever had the experience of losing a child in a crowded store or theme park would quickly wish that every mall and park had a lost-child patrol equipped with radio frequency scanners ... a database of 'missing children' could flag a given child, regardless of any pseudonym which an abductor or runaway might try to use."
Such a system, according to Mr. David, would be "the ultimate finder system via RF (radio frequency) tags."

-----------------------------Now comes an announcement out of England of just such a tag being developed and tested, currently involving 45 people whose identities, for obvious reasons, are being kept secret. In an article entitled, "007 Implant to Protect Kidnap Targets," the Oct.11, 1998 edition of The Sunday Timesof London announced "A microchip under the skin that can help to locate hostages is being marketed to combat one of the world's biggest growth industries there were a record 1,407 abductions for ransom worldwide last year, up 60% since 1990."
Working in cooperation with Israeli intelligence technicians, the Gen-EticsCompany is manufacturing the chip, which measures only 4mm by 4mm. Its power source is the body's own neurophysiological energy. The chip is inserted in nonamputatable areas of the body and can escape x-ray detection.
"The Sky-Eye is seen as an alternative to surrounding the children of the rich and famous with teams of burly bodyguards (by being) followed by six satellites through the global positioning system, which has a 150-metre margin of error and has previously been used to track the movements of stolen luxury cars," the Sunday Times reported.

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