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The Location Stack - combinatins tags

The Location Stack - combinatins tags
Outdraw from 
The Location Stack 
Jeffrey Hightower, Dieter Fox, and Gaetano Borriello 
University of Washington 
Computer Science and Engineering 
Box 352350 
Seattle, WA 98195 

Section 2 presents the Location Stack abstractions. Section 3 then describes 
our publicly available implementation. We implement the bottom four abstrac- 
tion layers and are engaged in active collaborations to develop the remaining two. 
In this paper, we give particular emphasis to our Fusion layer’s use of Bayesian
filter techniques, more specifically, particle filters and multi-hypothesis track- 
ing to estimate location in real multi-sensor environments. Our implementation 
supports many location sensor technologies including infrared proximity badges, 
passive RFID tags, ultrasound ranging tags, active radio proximity tags, global 
positioning system receivers, infrared laser range-finders, 802.11b wireless clients, 
and, more importantly, any combination of these. Our architecture consists of 
scalable distributed services communicating with asynchronous XML messages 
and remote procedure calls, similar to many modern ubiquitous computing sys- 
tems. Finally, Section 6 concludes with a discussion of the current state of our 
work and its future directions. 


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