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RF SAW filter suits RFID readers

RF SAW filter suits RFID readers

Murata Manufacturing has completed the development of an RF SAW filter for a UHF band RFID reader/writer component geared toward the Japanese market.

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Development of this product was focused on the UHF-band RFID system, which is beginning to enter mainstream use in Japan. The model developed and started for mass production, the SAFCH953MAA0X00, uses 2 MHz of bandwidth between 952 MHz and 954 MHz, the standard used in Japan. Since cell phones use the neighboring bandwidth, the electrical characteristics of this filter must be highly selective.
Low loss and high attenuation are realized by using a quartz substrate with good temperature characteristics as well as proprietary electrode design technology. Transmission loss is maintained below 4.5 dB at 2 MHz bandwidth between 952 MHz and 954 MHz while maintaining high attenuation to over 20 dB in the neighboring cell phone frequency.
The size of the device is 3.8 mm x 3.8 mm x 1.5 mm (maximum).
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  2. Hey, that’s a great product for a UHF band RFID reader/ writer component. Good job done!